Steinbergs pricing policy for VST Live

I bought VST Live Elements when it came out for 446 DKK (prices in Danish currency, sorry).

Now, with this Cyber Week sale, I can buy the Pro version with a 50 % discount for 372 DKK. Or I can upgrade my Elements version for 297 DKK which means, I would have paid 743 DKK in total for the Pro version.

This doesn’t really make sense, does it? So my question to Steinberg is; shouldn’t you provide a discount on the upgrade as well as on the full Pro version?

If not, then the smartest thing for me to do, would be to buy the discounted full Pro and resell my Elements. I suppose that would be possible, right?

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I am also curious to know whether Cyber Week includes upgrade to Pro version from Elements.

Not a steinberg account, just an end user, and I have observed that they aren’t that good about making upgrade pricing attractive.

If I was their product manager I’d want people who paid full price for ELEMENTS to have a reasonable path up to the PRO. I think you should email them as they don’t usually respond to sales questions like this on this forum.

Are you happy with VST LIVE ELEMENTS? I was thinking of buying the VST LIVE PRO now that it’s on a pretty good sale.

@FKP_Musik1 and @BeeCee, please drop me a mail to m.spork ( at ) steinberg ( . ) de, I am sure we will find a way.



Hi wpostma
I would certainly recommend VST Live (Pro and Elements).
I think it’s an awesome piece of software. I have been using Halion Sonic as my live sound system for years, but I’ve always missed the possibility to use it as a VST host for my non Halion Sonic VSTi’s. I mean, what’s the point of having a Jupiter 8 VSTi, if you can’t use it in a live setup :smile:
I was in the process of setting up Akai VIP for my live setup when VST Live came out. Now there is no turning back.
If you are thinking of buying the Pro version for the price at the Cyber Week sale - I wouldn’t think twice.
Best regards

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