Steinberg's VST Plugs and Synths Controlls Messed up

I don’t know if i pressed a preference somewhere or what i did but now when i open the Plugin Editors,
Instruments and FX all the Dials and Faders work very slow with Left Click and Dragging or turning around.
I have to actually use the wheel on the Mouse or point on the actually number above or under the controll
to get them to actually move fast. Anyone has a clue?


The preference dialog

  • Editing …check under Controls.
    …Knob Mode…Slider Mode

Thank you Sir!

Ok, somebody has to help me with this pleaseeee…nothing works, i tried all kinds of Combinations
in preferences Editing - Controlls and nothing helps. I even trashed the complete folder of preferences
and that did not help either. This happens ONLY on the included Steinberg plugins, not third party.
I am on Win7 x64, C6.55, Automap installed or Uninstalled it would not make any difference.