SteinbergUR22 Mk II Monitor/headphones help

Dear Steinberg Users,

I am a new member of the Steinberg community. I love the product (Steinberg Ur22 mk2 regording pack), but I need help regarding the output switch.

I connected everything to my PC and I am using studio monitors connected to the audio interface. I have help switching between my monitor and headphones as the otput. The programs I am using are Audacity. Audacity doesn’t allow me to make the switch as all of the audio is going trough the monitors and they are recognized as the main output when I choose Steinberg as the main output. Do I make the change using the driver or is there some other option?

Thank you in advance.

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There is no switch, the UR22 MkII has only one stereo output, and you simply control the output to your monitors via the output knob, and the headphones level via the headphones knob.