SteinbergVST Guitar Amp presets

Where are my presets stored for my Steinberg VST guitar amp ? I’m migrating my Mac OS settings of CBP 8 to my new Windows Pro 10 PC…
I want both platforms to see the same presets,My Win Pro 10 PC is my studio workstation,and my Mac Book pro is my mobil rig, so I want both to have the same presets.

PS,I’ve received a lot of great tips from users on this forum…thank you


Click to the cube, and select Save Preset… Once the “Save VST Amp Rack Preset” window appears, right-click to any of your presets, and select Reveal in Finder from the drp-down menu. Now, the file is displayed in the Finder, and you can find the path:
User-Library/Audio/Presets/Steinberg Media Technology/VST Amp Rack