Steiny Download Assistant / Library Manager (merger)

Hi there=)

using the Steinberg Download assistant for the first time
(since this one has an internet connection, i thought i would try it direct this time, and not over another pc)

First thoughts:

  • yeah, kinda nice=)

what it needs:

  • merge the library manager with the assistant…

  • From one screen , I want to be able to:
    ,see whats installed
    ,see which version is installed (with actual date/size)
    ,see whats available to install (with actual date/size , version numbers)
    ,move the content to custom location
    ,install/uninstall content
    ,set default location for any future content
    ,see changelogs

    Anyway, thanks and keep up the nice work =)

    p.s. (Progress/Size and Actions could be aligned better with their respective columns)

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Can you bump topics in this “new” Discourse forum?
Let’s see.