Stem direction bug in tablature

Hi! This is my first post here.

I wanted to report what I think is a bug or rather just something overseen.

It seems that after adding a down stemmed voice, and also forcing the stems down on it for consistency, that the stem of a tied note will still point upwards, even when colliding with the up-stem voice. I have also marked the “ends voice” and “starts voice” for the up-stem voice for when it’s not active.

That’s it. Love the software!

Tab stem direction report.dorico (471.8 KB)

Welcome to the forum, @organ, and thanks for your feedback. It’s a known limitation (that we hope to address soon) that when you flip a stem, only the first note in the tie chain will have its stem direction flipped: if you switch to Engrave mode you can then select the remaining notes in the tie chain and hit F to flip them too.

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Thank you Daniel! Worked like a charm.
(A bit starstruck to be answered by the actual @dspreadbury , is that normal? :star_struck::sweat_smile:)

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I don’t think it’s normal, but that’s how it is in this forum. One of the points that make it an outstanding forum!

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Sorry if I intrude, but talking about guitar techniques would it be possible to introduce let ring? To make the arpeggios sound correctly I used the Pedal line but the “let ring” text would be better in the case of the guitar.

You could use a piano pedal line that uses the plain text appearance for the text at the beginning of the line, and change it to say “let ring” in the Properties panel, perhaps, Fabrizio?

Ok, I will definitely try it thanks a lot. However, being widely used as an indication, I thought it would be convenient to have it already by default. Of course it’s certainly not a big deal it’s just a suggestion, thanks again! :slightly_smiling_face: