stem direction change not showing in part

I corrected all the stem directions in the score. But, the parts did not show the corrections, had to do them all too.
I saw the other stem direction question on this, but there wasn’t a fix posted.
This was originally imported as an xml file for piano, then cut and paste to create a score.
Is there an easy fix?

I’m afraid stem direction changes are inherently a per-layout edit: in general this makes sense for transposing instruments etc. where edits are unlikely to make sense in both (say) a concert score and a transposed part, but of course there are exceptions. We have erred on the side of maximum flexibility to ensure that things that you would realistically want to be able to edit independently between the full score and the parts can indeed be edited independently, but this does come at a cost of not being able to link some edits. We need to find a good way to solve this, and it is something we are thinking about and will introduce some solutions in future versions.

It took a lot of time. Thanks for working on it!

I understand the reasoning, although there are a lot of exceptions, which means a lot of double work. Glad to hear you are working on it. I hope that also applies to other similar cases, such as slur directions, dynamics properties etc, which also seem to be layout specific?

Yes, that’s the general idea.

This is a big problem. I can’t think of any cases where I would want stem directions, etc., to differ among layouts. Having to go into each layout and make the same changes is very time consuming and almost guaranteed to result in inconsistencies. Why not make write changes apply to every layout and then let people override those per layout in engrave mode if they need to? Or better, have a button that enables “per layout override” in engrave mode so that engrave changes are by default made globally.

Any idea when this issue will be addressed?

There is a situation where you might not want stem directions to transfer to the part. What if you had a concert pitched score, and you adjusted stem directions? In the transposing parts, you might get some very weird iteration of stems because the transposed pitches appear elsewhere on the staff than from the concert score.

While I agree with you in general, there are reasons why it was setup to do it this way.


Dorico does know if the score and layouts are in different transposition.
It’s a bit oldskool, but I wouldn’t even mind a ‘this layout only’ switch to flick before an action, in conjunction with preference ticks for different kinds of items to be linked.