Stem direction for different voices in guitar notation and duration of notes in another voice

I am writing a classical guitar line with two voices - one bass and one chord/melody voice. I played in the whole chord as one on the keyboard, and then clicked the bass not and told Dorico this is the next voice by clicking on “Next Voice” on the left side of the screen. It seems like Dorico does not treat every voice equally, though. In bar 50, everything looks fine, except for the note grouping, bar 51 has an eights note rest on 3 in the bass. I want a dotted quarter not “G”, but when I do that the “c” right above it disappears. The bass note Bb on count 6, however, goes all the way through to the end, without deleting the upper notes. In bar 52 the bass note Bb goes all the way through the bar, as well, but has two stem directions. I want them both to go down, but Dorico does not do that. This is technically two questions, I´m sorry, but it seems to me they are related, so I dare ask them in one post.

Hi @ulfmanumusik. My brain is not equipped for reading this much. Could you maybe upload that portion of your project? Or at least a screenshot?

I´m sorry, @DanielMuzMurray ! I seem to be half asleep - I forgot to upload the screenshot. And sorry for the long writing.

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Regarding the stem in bar 52, if you go to Engrave mode and select the stem then you should be able to press F and flip that note. I’m not sure if the up-stem voice would then align or not though. Try it!

I’m a little confused about the note-disappearing-thing. Are you absolutely sure that there is only one up-stem and one down-stem voice?

Use this to check:

If not, I personally would need the project to examine, though others may already have a solution off the top of their heads.

Yes, that did it! Thank you @DanielMuzMurray !!!

Yes, two voices intended. But using voice colours, as you suggested, shows that the note in question belongs to the wrong voice - no wonder it deletes the upper not when I prolong the lower on. I now need to swap the two - how´s that possible?

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Awsome!! Thanks, @DanielMuzMurray !!!