Stem direction of b in choir-scores...?

Working with a choir-score, I notice, that Dorico sets the stem-direction of the pitch “b” (“H” in german…)
in different directions, and that also in single notes (quarters) with enough space under them for lyrics.
I think, the usual way is most direction down, also Gould says so, that this would be the usual way.

And I don’t find a way, to switch this behavior in general, only for each single note, and that is quite annoying…

Would it be possible, to add such a feature…? (Or am I too blind, then please show me the glasses :wink: therefore…)

By the way, very slowly I begin Dorico to love, because some details are very better as in Sib.
My first choral-piece in the moment is written only in Dorico, and I’m quite content with the
results, a lot of little, but quite important details are fine!


I agree!

No, actually Gould says (pgs. 13–14):

When notes are on the centre stave-line, the stems may go in either direction. The direction is determined by context. Continue the stem direction of surrounding sterns that are in one direction only: [music example]
When the stern direction varies within a bar, maintain the stem direction of the notes that are part of the same beat or half-bar: [music example]

When there is no clear-cut case for either direction, the convention is to use a down-stem. Some editions use down-stems exclusively.

This means that actually, Dorico’s behavior is exactly what Gould advocates.I know why you think it looks odd – we are all (myself included) so used to seeing the stems consistently in one direction, that it’s a little strange that Dorico figures out the stem direction from context. I’m trying to get used to it… You are correct that there doesn’t appear to be a way to force middle-line notes to be always up or always down; the only preference I can find is this one, which does explain how Dorico changes stem direction.
Screen Shot 2016-11-01 at 12.24.32 PM.png

I would still say that most (about 90%?) of all printed choral music I own have the notes stem-down, no matter what the context. It would probably be a quite easy feature to add, hopefully we will see it in the future.

Each instrument type knows which direction a note on the middle line should point, so once you can edit this information within Dorico it will be possible to change this easily.