stem direction

I am in the middle of transcibing a piece for classical guitar. (dorico pro 3.5.11)
upon reopening my project my up stem voice 1 changed into a down stem voice. The last thing I did before before closing down my project was saving a pdf were all the stem directions were as intended. (I am working with three voices in one violin clef system).
I corrected all the stem directions as they were before. Now I thought that I would be able to create a new voice with up stem direction. However, I seem to be only allowed to create another down stem voice.
Please if someone could help me out of this stupidity.

Keep pressing shift-V (create new voice) until the orange caret changes to show an up stem voice.

There is no limit to the number of voices on a staff, and if you create a voice but never use it, it will be deleted when you close and re-open the project.

solved it! Thanks!