Stem directions, placements, etc layout specific


Since I’m working with a big project file, I’ve created instrument group layouts, to speed the process up a bit, since Dorico works quicker when concentrating on a smaller amount of instruments.

However, I noticed that when choosing to force the stem direction on a selection of notes, it only applies to that specific layout. I can see that there might be instances when that could be useful. However:

a) is there a way to choose that whatever I changes I do affect all the different layout. Otherwise I have to go through the process again, both in the full score and all the individual instrument parts.

b) what other properties are layout specific? Are there any properties that are global as a default?


It doesn’t seem to apply to beam-breaking, for instance (which is sort of strange, since it’s under the same menu).

But placement of dynamics, above or below staff, seem to be layout-dependent… Hmm… (Sorry for the multiple posts.)

(4th post.) OK, so after fiddling quite a lot with the score, I’ve noticed that almost everything you alter in write mode, placement, hiding intensity markings in dynamics, stem directions, slurs etc, applies only to that specific layout (beaming being an exception, for some reason). Which means that everything you want to show the same way in parts as in the full score (which is almost everything in my case), you have to remember to edit the same way twice. I have to say this doesn’t seem all that logical. I can see why changes you make in engrave mode is applied only to the specific layout, but changes in write mode I would really want to be able to choose that they would apply to all the layouts (sorry for the weird grammar). Instead of saving time, this actually makes it a lot more time consuming.

Is this the intended behaviour, or am I missing something?

Here’s one other thread with a reply from the developers, as an example:
If you search this forum you’ll find plenty more.

Thank you! I will bring the discussion thither. :slight_smile: