Stem Export request

This app is really great. I just have one small request that seems very doable in my opinion as all of these features are mostly already available just not in one step. I am working with someone out of state and they work in a desktop application. I wish there was a stem export option that would do the following all at once…

  1. Export all audio tracks separately (mono tracks should be exported as mono, stereo tracks as stereo)
  2. Export all midi tracks separately (each track as an individual .mid)
  3. Zip all audio+midi tracks into one zip file so I can upload them to dropbox
  4. Have an option to delete the individual exported tracks once zipped
  5. “Bypass all effects” option (*read explanation below)

This would speed up my work tremendously as I am having to constantly send him stems and have to individually upload each audio track and each midi track. Plus taking the extra step of exporting midi. A simple project with 15 audio tracks and 8 midi tracks takes me a while. I hope this can be implemented as I know I am not alone in wanting such a feature. *A “bypass all effects” option would be a great addition when exporting stems since my counterpart will add effects in his desktop DAW.

Thank you.

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These options might round things out very nice also in the stem export dialog.

  1. print midi to audio
  2. ignore pan and faders

Good suggestion, thanks ding_daw!
Added it to our feature request list.

The “ignore pan and faders” option would be ideal since I am doing a rough mix in Cubasis but he will be doing the final mix in his DAW and going thru all the tracks to zero out the pan and faders is a pain.

Yes, we need this!

Also, it would be great if the last applied settings could be remembered, or if there would be some sort of latest settings (maybe even names).

So then, one could apply these settings to all the songs (without thinking).

Hi @ding_daw,

Thank you for your message.

Did you try the available stem export option already?

Here, you can save individual files in one go to a folder previously created.

Once done, you can share the files either via the Cubasis MediaBay or using the Apple Files app.

Please give it a try and let us know what you think!

Thanks again,