Stemlets and beaming over rests


Can you comment on Dorico’s ability to beam over rests and provide stemlets of proper length?

Thank you, and very excited to get Dorico.

Dave Hollinden

Dorico has pretty extensive support for beamed rests and stemlets. There are options to control whether beams should extend over rests within a beamed group, separate control for whether or not a beamed group should be allowed to start and/or end with a rest, and also options for choosing whether or not beamed rests should show the appropriate number of secondary beams or instead have a broken secondary beam with only the primary beam continuing. There is also support for stemlets, including control over the minimum length of stemlets, the desired gap between the end of the stemlet and the rest, and so on.

In addition to choosing the defaults for these beaming options, you can also override these behaviours on a case-by-case basis, as needed.

Furthermore, rather than stems being lengthened to accommodate rests, rests are instead moved vertically to allow normal stem lengths, wherever possible.

All in all I think Dorico will have superior support for beamed rests and stemlets to its main competition, from version 1.0.

Is there a way to choose a global option for the exact opposite of this? So making sure the rests stays at it’s position and the beam moves? Can’t find anything on that in any of the engraving, lay-out or notation options…

It’s been a while since I’ve tried to remember this, but to my recollection, no, there’s no option for that, since that’s not normally how this kind of situation is handled in published music. Can you say a bit more about your requirements for this other appearance?