stemming out

I write tracks that are around 3 mins long each about 70 channel tracks and I use an external compressors and eq on the master out group
all tracks are send to groups about 20 in all too. I use send fx reverbs mainly on my track channels rather than insert them on each track and some side chain compression.

is there a way to stem out(export) these groups with send fx included? I have tried soloing a group and selecting exporting only the master output group in the export dialog box but for some reason some of the fx channels don’t get switched on and if I manually switch it on I can start to hear other channels send fx even though they are muted.

so far I have to go through each of the track channel soloing and exporting the master out, this has led to mistakes and with external fx it is rendered in realtime. it’s about a 3hr process on big projects.

not sure why batch export doesn’t include send fx this would save so much time. must be a technical reason for this.

any ideas?

There is a setting for letting pre fader sends be muted when you solo, at least.
I prefer that not to get leakage when soloing.

There is also ability to exclude a track from getting muted when soloing - hold Solo-button in mixer for two seconds, and it lit orange.

Don’t know about the rest.

I have separate send fx for every stem and the outputs of the send fx are routed to the individual stems group channels.

It might also be worth your while printing the external fx so you dont have to bounce in real time.

thanks for the suggestions I will try them out,

Manike just to clarify your suggestion do you mean have a separate fx channel with a reverb plugin on for each track ? that would take up quite a bit of cpu surely it would be easier just ti insert a reverb on each channel and reduce the mix percentage?.
I normally just have a 3 fx channels,( short reverb, medium reverb and long reverb) each the fx channel ouput is then routed to a group so it can be processed with all the other channels. on the track channels I send different amounts to the reverb of choice. trouble is multiple channels can share the same reverb. so I cannot just export then fx channel output separately

I’ll have up to 8 stems - Drums; Bass; Keys; Melody; Percussion… etc

Each stem has it’s own group and it’s own FX Channels routed to that group. Generally I’ll have 2 reverbs for each stem so yeah it could be 16 reverbs. But it allows me to batch export.

cheers I will try that method, if I reduce my stem count it will be more manageable to have an independent fx for each stem

It’s also pretty nifty if you assign a VCA fader to each stem. You can then have a mixconsole with only VCA faders and it allows to see meter readings for your stems easily and if you use mixconsole 1 it’s easy to automate those stems if you have external midi faders.

thanks will try that, never used vca faders before