Stems do not match to note heads


anyone an idea what’s going wrong? See screenshot.

On MacBook Pro 10.15.1 (Catalina)

Thanks a lot for a hint!


Can you please attach the project? Put .zip at the end of the filename to post it here.

My suspicion, without seeing the project, is that either:
a) it’s a font issue; you’ve installed something that brings fonts with it and haven’t restarted your computer.
b) you’ve meddled with Attachment Points of noteheads from Engrave > Notehead Sets.

I had this happen a few months back too. I can’t remember the cause exactly but I’m pretty sure Dorico is using the stem attachment position for the “default” noteheads instead of the correct one for the “larger” noteheads that are being displayed. I had probably been messing around with Notehead Sets, so I think I just hit “Revert to Factory” for the Larger Notehead set and that fixed it.

Here is the project. (374 KB)

Fred’s provided with you the answer: go to Engrave > Notehead Sets, select ‘Larger noteheads’ in the list on the left, select the two overridden notehead types, and click the ‘Revert to Factory’ button (the circular left-pointing arrow) to put things back to normal.

Thank you!

I didn’t find the overridden notehead types, but now I have adjusted the offset X/Y of the up-stems of the two default notehead types manually, and it works.

Thank you once more :slight_smile:


The overrides are shown by the red triangles that appear in the corner of the noteheads shown in the grid on the right-hand side of the dialog.