Stems Export Time

I just got Cubase 11 Pro and I’m exporting the stems of one of a large project. It’s about 20 minutes long and there are 107 stems I want to export in total. I want to export them with their full groups and stereo out effects. The bit rate is 32 and sample rate 48, Interleaved.
Each one is taking between 8-10 minutes long making it hours for the whole thing. Is this normal or am I doing something to make it especially long?

I have 16g of ram and i7 processor.


107x playing the project… 20min project…
if it is rendering faster then real time let’s say with half the time per run there are still 107 runs with 10min…

This is non sense information…
There are over 100 different i7 variants… it is available since more than 10 years.

Are the project and export target directory both on a SSD?

I’m pretty sure they are both on the SSD Hardrive yes.

Okay, sorry.

So 10 minutes per stem is normal for this?

That depends on the track count, used plug ins, edits made…