Stems on Scaled notes

The four quarter notes in this picture are (from left to right): a Note scaled to Cue size, a note scaled using Custom size to the same size; a Normal note at full size; followed by another Cue-scaled note.

The Full-size note’s stem is being shortened because it’s a 2nd voice, and the Custom Scaled note is being shortened further because it’s been scaled, but Is there any reason why the Cue-scaled note’s stem isn’t being shortened? Is there an option to change this? I can’t find one.

(I’m using Cue-scaled notes to mark editorially reconstructed notes. It means I can alter the % in one go to all the notes. Grace-scaled notes seem to display the same behaviour when set to a similar scale.)
Screenshot 3.png

There is no option for this at the moment. I will make a note of your request that there should be one.

Is there actually any need for “Preset” Scale notes to have full length stems when Custom Scale Notes and Full Size notes don’t?

I’ll have to confer with the developer who worked on this and come back to you in due course.