Stems out of place when double exporting

Ok, the title doesn’t say much.

Here is the problem.

Due to the fact that dorico still misses something (a better looking instrument labels, something for unpitched percussions, ties to nothing etc) , I’m exporting the score in PDF and importing it into InDesign to make this changes.
Until now everything is good.

When I export the PDF again some of the steams go out of place.

So this is the way:
Dorico → PDF → InDesign → New PDF

Until “New PDF” everything is fine.
I thought that this was an InDesign issue, but I tried a similar way also within Illustrator. PDF → Illustrator → New PDF. Same issue, so there is probably something that goes wrong in the PDF. If I export SVG there is no problem, but I should convert every single page to a PDF and then import into InDesign… you understand that with an opera score it’s a bit time wasting.

I think I’m not the only one who uses InDesign or such softwares to create a cool layout for printing (I also add a cover art for the first page etc, so I’m in need of using it).

Has anyone experienced a similar problem? Any workaround?

I don’t have access to InDesign myself, but I have done a lot of work in Illustrator with PDF files exported from Dorico and have not experienced any problems. If you have access to Illustrator as well as InDesign, perhaps consider converting fonts to outlines and using the Outline Path feature to change strokes into paths, then see if that behaves better in InDesign?

FWIW, I just tried this on Windows with Indesign CS5.5 and there were no problems…

I know it’s a very strange thing. I have no Idea why this happens.

Anyway. I did as you suggested Daniel, and now it’s perfect. It’s a little more complex but not that much, found a couple of illustrator scripts and this can be achieved.

Thank you as usual.

Same problem.
I had yet encountered this issue formerly in Sibelius. The solution was to export the first PDF in Sibelius with the virtual OS printer.
Now in Dorico, this trip don’t give result. The solution of Daniel is the unique way to resolve the problem.
Other clarification : the issue become only when the “New PDF” is exported in booklet format of InDesign. Single page export is good.