Stems position when consolidating rests between voices

I enclose an example where stems in second voice are not positioned properly when consolidating rests between voices. It may be a bug or I am missing some setting to avoid this.
Untitled Project 1 (2).zip (489 KB)

Stemlets appear relative to where noteheads would appear (if there were actually a notehead there). Whether this is correct is an entirely different question. You can work around this by NOT consolidating rests, then setting the rest position for each of the rests to 0.

Oh, thanks! I have tested what you said, and I have found that simply activating the setting “Rest pos.” and deactivating it again, it leaves the stems in the correct position. By the way, selecting the whole bar and filtering rests, does not position all rests properly. I have to select them by voices.

I see that actually you don’t have to change the consolidation setting. What you CAN do is

  1. Select the whole bar, filter rests and set “Rest pos” to 0.
  2. Repeat step 1.
    This repeated step is necessary because a) you can only select what you can see and b) if you’ve left the consolidation setting turned on, there’s only one set of rests to select until you’ve performed Step 1 for the first time. Once you’ve performed it once (and thus forced rest position), Dorico’s realised that you must want a set of rests for each voice, and then you have to perform Step 1 again to catch the newly-shown second set of rests.

I understand. Thank you!