Stems with no noteheads

Attached is a point at which the singer speaks and does not sing. Per that image, the original publisher has a note-stem with no notehead, the modern way of doing such a thing being an X-notehead, which I am using right now.

I was able to right-click and bring up ‘noteheads’, but it did not give me an option for ‘blank notehead’ as Finale currently does. Of course, I have probably missed this somewhere. Thanks, all!
No noteheads 26 July 2017.png

  1. Select the music
  2. Go to Edit -> Filter -> Notes and chords
  3. Open up the properties panel, activate ‘Color’, and click the black square
  4. Set the Opaticy to 0%

You’ll have to repeat the process for every layout your player(/singer) participates in.

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Thanks! You’re a genius!

Hey folks, I tried this but when I went to export a PDF of the music, the stems reappeared! Any suggestions here? Thank you!

You need to print/export in color.


thank you!!!