Step-By-Step Guide for using the Remote Control Editor

Confirmed to work with BCF2000. :sunglasses:

Confirmed not to work with BCR2000 (maybe there are some 3rd party software that can make the BCR to emulate Mackie, I haven’t found one though). :frowning:

Any particlar reason that my M-audio Projectmix is not working?
Its setup but no plugin automates.

I will have to try the tutorial again.

So far I can get the MCB to load into my LCD but none of the below show in the LCD.

  • Output
  • Bypass
  • Threshold1
  • Ratio1
  • Attack1
  • Release1
  • MakeUp1

my PJ is setup as a mackie Control with midi set as i/o
I also setup the “Control surface midi” in the “Quick controls”

Other then that my PJ works perfect as a fader controller.

(My PJ Knobs are factory set at
CC 0 CH 2,
CC 1 CH 2,
CC 3 CH 2,
CC 4 CH 2,
CC 5 CH 2,
CC 6 CH 2,
CC 7 CH 2,
CC 8 CH 2,

Anyone think the projectmix was just a lemmon?

Been trying to get this going dating back to 2007.

Or am I stupid?

Hello sming,

Can I configure the Mackie C4 to control 3rd party VST plugins with the RME? Last I read nuendo did not support the C4 controller but I’m hoping the RME resolves this issue.

Thank you kindly in advance for looking into this.


Hi Spacewig,

Thanks for the question.

I’m not familiar with the Mackie C4 device, but if this device supports the standard Mackie Control protocol/mode like the MCU, then you should be able to make use of the Remote Control Editor. In that case, you would need to make Nuendo/Cubase sees your device as “Mackie Control” device, I guess. So, you just need to check the manual or the related forum if C4 supports that mode.

Btw, I’m not sure what you mean by “RME”. Anyway, hope that this info helps.

Hi sming, thanks for the reply. I meant RCE instead of RME. The C4 is an extension to the Mackie Control Universal so I imagine that it runs on that protocol. What worries me is why it didn’t work with Nuendo in the past when the Control universal and fader extenders did. Do you have any information regarding this? I don’t want to spend money on a C4 unit if it’s not going to work.


This may be a stupid question but is the NI Maschine capable of using the RCE features in Cubase?

In the MIDI controller editor of Maschine I believe you can choose to use MCU type of messages.

ps. I find it slightly odd that most if not all of the “supported” controller devices are more or less laid out like a traditional mixing desk with most of the controller area consisting of faders laid out like channel strip controls whereas the whole point of taking control of a plugin’s parameters is to use a midi controller with knobs and buttons. I’d kill for a native Cubase solution for eight rotary knobs “automapped” to my favorite parameters of a selected plugin in a compact controller. I dont need a controller the size of shipyard. SB - embrace the advantages of digital please.

half expected that i could somehow put this to good use, at last…

Yes Sming I used the RCE with my MCU Pro but…it is´t very unintuitive.
I mean on the Mackie Control I have to press 2 Buttons to control an Instrument.
2. Page Up to go to the First RCE Page

Then I want to control an Insert Effect and have to press 3 Buttons:
2.Select Insert Slot
3.Page Up to go to the first RCE Page

For me it is too much for a good workflow!

The better Idea would be to have an MCU Control Mode (for example the Instrument Button on the MCU) and then the MCU gets the parameters of the editor window which is in focus.
This could be an Instrument or FX.
In this case you only have to press Page Up/Down on MCU for switching the Remote Control Editor Pages of 8 Controls of the focused Plugin (FX or VSTi) you work with.
In this case a second button (for example the Insert Button on MCU) would be neccesary to lock the controls to the last plugin.
Then you can have an other plugineditor in focus but can control the last in background.

This would be the greatest control addon for me in the future.
And please let the RCE be available in Generic Remote , with more than 8 controls :wink: … because I want to control 3rd party Insert EQs with 14Bit precision from my BCR2000 with generic remote.

Are there any other Tascam DM3200/Dm4800 users out there besides Arjan?
I’d like to know if my DM3200 can control Cubase better by using the Remote Control Editor.

The perfect scenario for me would be to have TWO learn buttons on the RCE the existing learn to choose the vst parameter with your mouse AND a midi learn to learn the movement of the controller. Perhaps it would be more appropriate to have these two button as the part of each of the cells.

Nice review on integrating all the different remote control options in Cubase 7.5 .

Great resources… Many thanks!


Regards :sunglasses:

many thanx!!!

Can my Akai MPK88 connect to RCE? Does it have Mickie Mode? Can you explain a bit more about this mode? Thanks!

Hi, I got anxiety reading all of that. I ordered the Akai MPK mini MKII to work with the Cubase AI 8 to do basic recording and mixing, and some songwriting. Can you direct me to a 25 key controller for a small home based computer setup for a newbie hobbyist that works with Cubase without requiring an extremely high IQ and engineering degree :slight_smile:. I’m learning to use the DAW and MIDIs and really just want to sing and make music and not spend weeks trying to figure out how to configure the software to work with the hardware so I can create.


Yeah, it’s big guide.
Just found a video guide for cubase 5 on youtube, but i don’t know if it’s better to learn or not.

Does anyone know where the RCE assignments are stored? I will be updating soon and don’t want to redo all my assignments again! Thanks

From Support: ( Yes I know, they answered my query !!!)
The data is stored in: