Step by step instructions to get M sound midi regulator to control transport board capacities

I have an M sound 49 key midi regulator which has a slider and some vehicle keys on the upper left-hand side. I needed to allow these to the vehicle board works so I did some looking and saw that the best approach to do this is by means of the “nonexclusive distant” area in the “gadget arrangement” segment. Notwithstanding, when I make a nonexclusive distant and check the “learn” box, Cubase doesn’t perceive the vehicle board keys so I can’t appoint orders to these catches. The typical keys and the volume slider are perceived yet not the vehicle catches. In the M sound manual it says that the console utilizes Midi, HUI or Mackie controls to send this information so I don’t know where the issue can be.

Would anyone be able to please help?

Hi and welcome,

Set your M sound 49 to Mackie Mode.

In Cubase > Studio > Studio Setup click to the + button to add a new device. Choose Mackie Control from the list. Select the Mackie Control device from the Remote Devices list. Set the MIDI Input and MIDI Output to your M sound 49.