Step Designer starts at wrong position when 32 steps long

Hey guys,

a problem I had in earlier versions of Cubase as well. Hoped for a fix in V13, because they worked on the Midi insert effects.

New Project
Add Instrument Track (any VSTi)
Midi insert Step designer - make it 32 steps - add notes
Plays the right way when curser is the beginning.
Starts pattern (sometimes) wrong, when just hitting play at a random position, because it doesn’t follow the curser position correctly. So it’s at step 17 when it should be 1.

This would be not such a big issue, if it would be correct when rendering. But it isn’t. It seems to just randomly choose, when I render. (Even if I place the left locator at the very beginning of the timeline).

Seems not to happen with the Beat Designer.

Forgot to mention: Happened with Cubase 13 in Silicon Native mode on a M1 machine.