Step designer

Basic question … after creating a pattern in step designer how do you transfer that pattern into the workspace area? I tried google, youtube, and briefly went through the manual but no results so far. I’m ok with beat designer but on step designer I can’t find a dropdown menu that gives the same options as in beat designer to allow me to insert the pattern.

Any info is appreciated,

MIDI->Merge Midi in Loop.


It is not highlighted.

Anyway, once again, I just need to take the created step design pattern and insert it into a track.

Of course you’ll have to set a loop range first - the MIDI data will be inserted between the loop markers.

And this is a way to do it.


As you know it worked. Obviously I am new to this stuff and I realize there is a great technical explanation why step design insertion is not the same for beat design insertion. Gets a bit frustrating at times but I will figure this stuff out and a little help every now and again goes a long ways.

Thanks Kris,