Step Editor, basics


I’m very impressed with Cubase’s Step Editor but could use some advice on using it.

Specifically, what’s the best way to move the “blue line” insertion point marker or to just generally control where the next step will be placed? While I’m able drag the Step Marker to where I want to begin entering steps within a MIDI track, and that works well enough, is there a better way? The operations manual is rather thin on the subject of the Step Editor’s use. So, just generally, any brief :bulb: Step Editor tips, suggestions or links are greatly appreciated. :bulb:

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Yeah, the Step Editor is nice in Cubase.

To place the blue cursor, you click at the point you wish to enter the note, or you can use the arrow keys to move it. Also, there is a key command available to move the step cursor to the beginning of a midi part.

The length of the note follows the the Length Quantize value you have set in the toolbar, and when you play a note or a chord, the cursor advances by the value of the active Quantize preset.

So if you have quantize set to 1/4, and Length Quantize set to ‘Quantize Link’ each note’s length will be a quarter note, and also, the cursor will advance by a quarter note. You could set the length separately to achieve having the length be different.

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SteveInChicago, thank you for going over this with me and, perhaps, other forum readers will also benefit.

Do you happen to remember the Key Command to move the cursor? I’ll take a look myself.

i really like how the step editor can be clicked on and off so easily within Key Editor and now I think navigating around a range I’m working on will be much easier for me.

+1 – :bulb: Length Quantize set to a different value than Step Length is a very powerful tip with many useful applications to writing. For example, I’m hearing that if the length is set to, say, Quarter Notes (or longer) and the Step Length is set to 32nd Notes (or shorter) many interesting musical ideas and sounds could be accomplished easily in the program. Longer note lengths with shorter steps, or shorter lengths with longer steps, either way, I see many things are possible… I’ll experiment with this. Thanks for helping me understand this better. :exclamation:

You use the left and right arrow keys to move the blue line forward or backwards by the quantize value. Keep in mind that you can assign key commands to all the step editor and quantize functions.

It’s ‘Move Insert Cursor to Part Start’ :wink:

Of course! :exclamation: Thanks for the help. Cubase has one of the best Step Editors I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with.