step entry on multiple staves?

Is it possible to have the Score window open with three instruments, and Step Entry record (using three midi controllers) on the different staves at the same time?

Seems like Step Entry only allows me to enter notes (playing the midi keyboard) on the currently selected track (as indicated with the blue bar on the far left). Or can I select all three stave/tracks in Score at the same time somehow?

Yep. It’s possible to do step input on multiple staves at the same time.

  1. Create shared copies (cmd+k) of the MIDI parts.
  2. Move the shared copies to different tracks.
  3. Open the Score Editor and now you can enter notes via Step Input on multiple staves.
    Note: you must select the source track/stave in order to get any notes in.

Not sure if I get the question, maybe @alin89c did… but If you mean for instance, three people playing on three midi controllers? I don’t think so…

I’m not quite sure what you’re trying to achieve, but one thing that could be done would be to

  1. use one track for recording/step input. Set the output channel toAny,
  2. set the midi controllers to each transmit on different channels, and then, after recording,
  3. use the Logical editor to select notes using a channel filter and move the notes to a new track manually, or use the L.E. Extract function to do the same

If the input port (on every MIDI track) is set correctly, I don’t see why would there be a reason to think that recording on separate staves is not possible.
→ keyboard 1 = stave 1
→ keyboard 2 = stave 2
→ keyboard 3 = stave 3

If the keyboard transmits to, say, channel 3, the channel of recorded MIDI events will be the same, regardless of what you have selected in the output channel dropdown. So I think this step is not required…

I edited my post above- I actually wrote it wrong. :grimacing:

Why would you set the output channel to Any?

This way if there are different instruments in a multi timbral VST, each player can choose which sound to play by setting the transmit channel on their controller.

I got you, though it would’ve been more clear for me if you included a note below the steps saying:
→ If you also want the players to hear a different timbre as they record, assign a multi timbral VST to the first track and set the output channel of the track to ANY.

Sorry I bothered you with my question.

@alin89c Did you try your method?
I think it won’t work as all the notes recorded in one staff would just be duplicated to all others, whatever input you select for the tracks.

(The OP wants to record three players playing different notes on three different staves at the same time using Step Input)

No. He does not. With Step Input?!

What part did I misunderstand?

Sorry. I’ve read again and this time I think I understood. The OP wants to be able to input notes on different staves without first activating another stave (activated stave = stave with a black rectangle before it).