Step Entry....

Am I missing something? Is there really no way of doing step entry in Cubasis? If not I’d like to make this a feature request.

Hi stevendieveney,

Cubasis’ MIDI editor allows to come up with step entries.
Draw an empty MIDI part and double tap to open it in the MIDI editor.

Hope that helps.


Thanks for replying. Maybe I’m not communicating clearly - or I’m just doing it wrong. I’m trying to do step entry (as in Cubase) in the MIDI/Key Editor. As in: 1) Set the quantize and grid; 2) input notes from the attached keyboard (I’m using a CME XKey)… and have the playhead advance as I continue entering notes.

Am I missing something? I’d like to be able to play the notes in - not draw them in.

Thanks so much.

Hi Steven,

I’ve added the request to our backlog.