Step Input Behavior

I am having a problem with the Step Input feature, inside both the score editor and the key editor. Let me describe:

If i want to input dotted 1/4 notes, I select the dotted quarter value in the Quantize presets and put the quantize length on Quantize link, and start entering. When I start at the beginning of a 4/4 measure the first two notes are properly placed, however the third note in the bar is entered as a quarter note, not a dotted quarter, and the cursor moves to the beginning of bar 2. So, what i get is dotted quarter/dotted quarter/quarter.

Now, strangely if I change the Quantize length to dotted quarter (instead of quantize link) I get dotted quarter/dotted quarter/dotted quarter - but the cursor jumps to the beginning of bar two after entering the third note, instead of jumping to the 2nd eight of the first beat of bar 2.

What I want to happen is dotted quarters are entered and the cursor moves that amount.

I hope this makes sense to someone, and I have simply missed a new setting.

Can anyone reproduce this?


Yes, the input of dotted notes is NOT logical, personally I’d say it was a bug and needs fixing - certainly it confuses everyone I know who has tried using it, and leads to some puzzled users in classes I teach.

Yes, it unfortunately resets at the beginning of every bar.
Only workaround is to set step length to the lowest common denominator (e.g. 8th-notes for dotted quarters, then move in steps of 3).

Thanks for the information. This seems a like a more recent development. I do not remember tis being a problem in earlier versions.



Have you made a support request through My Steinberg?

I just did, thanks for mentioning.


Bumped for tech support