Step input bug on full screen edit

step input stops working when changing to full screen.

reproduce (at least for me works every time):

-> open some midi part in the midi-editor.
-> try step input: activate, move locator, play some notes
-> now open in full screen (top right, “open in seperate window”)
-> the step input button now goes white background and says “(suspended)”
-> try to enter step input mode again
-> try to move locator
-> locator disappears, button goes “(suspended)” again

I consider this a critical bug, because it prevents me from doing full screen editing since I couldn’t find any reproducable way to get it back to work again.

I think I have experienced the same… For me the step input marker appears only in the first 6 bars. I have to input it there and drag it to place, until the bug is fixed…

Mucho annoyingo… (n)

Thanks for confirming this, so it’s not only on my setup.
I found out that the locator jumps to the start of the track.
So if the part doesn’t start at the first bar, it seems to disappear, but it’s actually just outside of the parts boundaries. When I move my part to the beginning of my timeline I can input notes, that’s not very practical though.