Step input/grid doesn't move by triplet length

Trying to do a series of 1/8th triplets in 7/8 meter and step input is acting wonky though the step value is 1/8T and the length is linked to step value.

Actually it seems Ike the grid is broken. Can’t move by eighth triplets in that meter.

Can anyone confirm this bug? :confused:

It’s not really a “bug” as such, but there have indeed already been several requests for this behavior to change… In fact,step length is respected, but only until the end of the bar, then it starts over again.
Btw, was that a typo?.. you wrote “step value is 1/8th”… I presume you intended to write “step length is 1/8T”?

Yeah meant 1/8T. The problem is, step length isn’t respected in this case. I would understand if it went over the bar, but even within the bar it isn’t respected. Maybe it has to do with the 7/8 time sig?

There must be something else at play there, because it does work here (with the limitation I described).
Can you upload a screenshot of your attempt to step-write two bars in 7/8 of 8th triplets in the Key Editor (or post a link to the screenshot)?

Ok, here’s the pic showing what is current and what I’d like:

I think you have posted the wrong screenshot :wink:… it is showing your other “automation point” problem.