Step Input in the Score Editor

I have found step input to be a useful entry method in the score editor, but logistically I’ve had some problems.

Let’s say I want to start entering notes for my flute part at measure 30. I select ‘step input’ in the score editor and enter the notes just fine. Great. Now let’s say I want to add another part, perhaps in the trombone, also at measure 30. If I select the trombone staff and start pressing notes, nothing happens.

The only solution I’ve found is to deselect and reselect the step input button with the desired staff already selected. When I do this, the blue location indicator then defaults to the location of the left cycle region locator. I then have to scroll back to measure 30 and reposition the blue indicator. Very time consuming.

In short, is there a way to quickly switch between staves when using step input?

Are you using the mouse to select the staff? If so you have to click a second time on the new staff to get the blue line.

If you navigate around with the arrow keys it works directly without an extra click. I would imagine this is a safety measure to avoid accidentally step-entering notes in the wrong staff. Never noticed it before, since I only use the keyboard for step entry, after the initial click for the starting note location.

I dream of a world without mouses. :wink: