Step input working sometimes but not today. How can anyone make a living with this software?

I’d be interested to know how many people on this forum use Cubase to support themselves even at part-time gig salaries.
I can’t use this software if a key feature does not function reliably. The step input feature is the bane of my existence. The reason I stayed with Cubase all these years is that other DAWs do not have the same feature.
Yes, I’ve tried all of the suggestions to fix this, including deleting the preferences file, which gets recreated the next time I start Cubase.

Weary I am. Tue user quoted above never received any satisfactory answer to the issue either.
Very frustrated; I have an 88 key midi controller which I specifically purchased to use in conjunction with the step input feature. All useless.
I only want what I’ve paid for-original program cost for v. 5.0 and five of the updates to 12.~$1,500. That original purchase was 16 years ago, back when Cubase actually worked.

Are you going to tell the forum what specifically happens when you try to use step input?

Maybe your issue is different than the OP of the linked topic, since

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