Step one bar and menu help - gone ?


C9 is a nice version. But two valuable things are gone.

First, the help via the menu. We now have to download it separetly and use it with a PDF reader.
I created a directory “C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase 9\Documentation” and put all the PDFs in it. No luck. :unamused:

Second, we use to have a very useful keyboard shorcut “Step forward one bar”. ( My French translation… )
It is now replace with “Move forward” and it is accordingly to the “Bar / beat / quantization” ( sort of ) choice in the top strip. :exclamation:
Any way to have it back, working independantly from the “pace choice” in the top strip ?

Richard André Desjardins for Studio Ryde


I can see the command in the Key Command: Transport > Nudge +1 Bar

I also resent the online only help. My daw is not being online while working - ever - only for install purposes.

At least test FoxitReader which can replace Adobe Acrobat Reader, and it opens the pdf in the same spot every time - you don’t need to search from start every time, if closed in between.

FoxitReader also keep the search field in toolbar, which disappeared in my last versions of Adobe Acrobat Reader. Adobe Reader you had to do Ctrl F every time to get search field back, and then occupying space in document.

I thought it meant to kick a clip left or right, I was not hot at tring it. But you are right ! Thanks Martin !