Step Record in Cubase like as in DP8 (MIDI)

Hi everybody!

While I was watching a tutorial, I found out that Digital Performer allows to record in “Step Record” which basically consists in record the MIDI without start from Record but record the note you are playing and then (or before) decide what kind of notes (16/32/64) you wish to have. In the meantime Cubase provides to quantise what you have played as well so you find the MIDI part with the melody quantized and the notes you have chosen.

I find this function time saving.

Moreover, does Cubase allow to record quantised yet? I mean while you record the melody Cubase placed the notes quantised instead of record and then quantise. For the moment I use to record, then I have to select the notes and press Q.


For Step Input in Cubase, you can select quantize value and quantize (note) length.

There are key commands for both.
Cubase Q.png

Thanks million guys!