Step recording cursor

I think the step recording cursor could use some improvement.

First, its rather difficult to place the cursor in the right place. Have you tried it lately? There are no handles on the blue lined cursor that appears…

Second, and most annoying, if while using the step input you happen to play a wrong note and decide to undo by pressing “command z”, the note gets deleted but the cursor doesn’t automatically return back to the beginning of the note just deleted, it continues forward…

So after doing “command z”, you have to yet again move the blue lined cursor to position!

The idea is that you click in the spot at which you want the cursor to be positioned, and it’s subject to the current quantize setting. So one might presume handles aren’t necessary.

The undo thing has caught me up too. I created a macro:

left arrow

It would seem logical that undo would put you back where you were before the last action.

It would be musically logical to have an undo in Step Editor undo the step as well as remove the note, but the macro sounds very cool. I’ll try it.

I really like the step editor and think other more pressing issues most likely need and deserve attention, that said, here’s some things I’d like.

Entering Rests as Steps:
I’d like to be able to press the sustain peddle to advance the step without insertion of a note – in other words, it would allow one to enter a Rest for a step. (maybe there’s a way to do this already and I just don’t know it).

Suggestion: Steps Follow Midi Pattern, or Steps Follow Range Pattern:
For example, take a 4/4 measure, enter syncopated pattern within the measure or measures. Select the pattern, then open step editor and the steps follow the rhythmic and perhaps other MIDI CC attributes contained in the original pattern

Be able to import midi pattern files and have Steps follow those patterns and, optionally, the MIDI CC attributes of the imported patterns.

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