Step recording - Undo mistake

When using the step record function in the Key Editor, is there an “undo” function, to delete a note that was incorrectly added, like a “step back and delete” …? (other than ctrl+Z).

Why don’t you want to use ctrl-z - after all that is what it is there for?

+ should do the trick.

Because I wanted the Blue Line to also go back at the same time rather than just delete the wrong note.

Makes sense

Shift-Left deletes all notes at the location, so if you’re adding to an already existing phrase and want only the note you added undone, create a macro-

Arrow Left

Thanks Steve - that sounds like a good idea – I’m currently on Cubase Elements - can I do Macros there, I don’t see the option in Key Commands …?


OK, no worries, I’m on the trial version, and plan to purchase Artist.

I’ve been asking for this for a long time. Unfortunately UNDO can’t be included in a macro, by design.

That’s weird. I just tried & it’s true. Maybe they are concerned that it would result in a bunch of Macros Gone Wild. :open_mouth: