Step write not correct cubase 12

hi all. Just finished my first project on QB12 coming from QB9. I have rudimentary midi skills and have not adjusted any midi parameters other than grid lines that I’m aware of in preferences, but if I record a midi keyboard part, open the sample editor and try to move one of the notes it skips over some notes, so I can’t place the note where I want…is there a setting available that will fix this? I should say that I can record a note in one of the spaces that I cannot move a note too… thx for any help


There is no Sample Editor for the MIDI data. I expect, you mean the Key Editor.

Do you have the grid linked to the Zoom Level by any chance? Or how is your Grid set up?

thx for the help, yes the key editor. unless by accident grid is not linked to zoom it would not be a feature I would look to use so I don’t know where to find it. the key editor is set to grid not grid+ cursor etc not sure if that is the grid you refer to., however QB12 downloaded is what I have. bare bones is all I need. is the grid setup you refer to the key editor grid? or the project window grid view? sorry, I just don’t have much experience with this. If you can point me in a direction to look that would great. one thought I have is it is almost like it is locked to a musical key and disregards notes not in that key. as the note is moved up the scale for instance it might skip a note stop at the next, skip, then stop on two in a row. thx danc


So you are not talking about the left/right movement but you are talking about the transpose (up/down)? If this is the case then your track is synced with the Chord Track, I would guess.

hi, I did initially create a chord trac for this project to familiarize myself with it and other new features in QB12. I don’t recall entering any parameters like the key of the song but it’s possible. I deselected it long ago. I also thought to try pitch correction with vari-audio with some success and I did enter a key signature for that I wonder if that might be the cause. so yes it is about transpose. the project is done so just concerned the problem may carry over to a new project…can you suggest a solution…thank you


Select the MIDI Track in the Project window. In the Inspector open the Chord tab of the given track. Make a screenshot and attach it, please.

You can also attach a screenshot of the Key Editor with the Chords tab opened, please.

hi for some reason the midi track/inspector panel/chord tab screenshot is not right will redo. the key editor with cord tabs open would not do both simultaneously however the key editor screenshot does show apparently I set the track to editor scale in the key of G with snap pitch editing box checked, might this be the problem?

You found it!

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yes indeed it was! and I can’t thank you enough for your support…I am not a proficient keyboardist so I usually adjust(transpose) an older model oxygen 49 to a key with fewer sharps and or flats, but it would not work this project I wonder if the snap pitch issue would affect that as well… again thanks so much