StepDesigner - arming 'Record To Track' sometimes results in StepDesigner playing 1/2 time, other negative effects

At some point this started happening. StepDesigner was playing fine all night when I was switching ‘Record to Track’ on, and off. no difference in timing.

At a certain point, turning on ‘Record To Track’ started to cause it to go 1/2time and then turning ‘Record to Track’ Off would switch it back to normal time.

I had to reload the plugin to get it to work properly again.

One thing I did that maybe caused it? I started this new idea with StepDesigner in an already existing project and then I did a project backup in order to separate the old project and the new idea. Switched to that new project with the StepDesigner bit, did some work, then I switched back to the old project. So not sure if something went haywire there or not.

‘Record to Track’ feature seems to overall have a negative effect on StepDesigner throwing the pattern off