Stephen Galvin - New Material - pre-release versions

Some new songs recorded here at ABC. I teach singing, guitar and bass lessons here all year. In the summer I write songs and this is the first pre-release. Too Young To Be Unhappy.

Production comments especially welcome but if want to talk about the deeper meaning of the lyrics, my cool sunglasses or other stuff all cool. :slight_smile:

Comments about compression? :nerd:

Hi Stephen, nice playing! I like the way you did the video, too. To my ears, everything sounds like mostly unprocessed raw tracks, so I guess you were very mild in your compression. Particularly the drums don’t have much punch to them, if you know what I mean. I would usually compress the snare somewhat aggressively, with about 30 ms attack to let the initial hit get through. Just my thoughts.

Hi Stephen…very understated, is this intentional ? like it couldn’t be any more laid back, strangely reminds me of one of my favorite bands of yesteryear ( Talking heads )…Keep on keepin on…Kevin

Thank you.

Initially I used an aggressive compression with the track faders quite high, all the tracks compressed and a master compression based on the Cubase Rock Master preset, with a bit of tweaking.

It sounded powerful and effective when listening at say speaking volume.[I speak pretty loud!] Then later I started listening to it at high volume and it really hurt my ears, like a wall of noise. By minimising the compression the mix loses its punch but curiously, sounds to me better when I crank up the monitors.

The difficult question, and I am not the first to ask it, is do I mix for the teenyboppers who need a good bang to get their attention or do I make something that sounds balanced but well… I hesitate to say weak.

I did read an article by Bob Katz on this topic recently. Still can’t make up my mind though. In the 70’s you had the album mix, the single mix and then when the radio stations got a hold of the track they would compress the track to maximum.

Now with the internet do we mix like a radio station, blatant and aggressive or subtle and cool?

I know I am supposed to know the answers to this because I do it every day. I guess I am just making a philosophical obvesrvation really. Has brilliant software like Cubase , and the digital age really brought us to this point? :nerd: :sunglasses:


Many thanks. Intentional? Is just comes out that way. The words seem to suggest the groove and tempo. Keepin on… Stephen :sunglasses: