Stepped/Incremental Controls

I -often- find myself wanting to move values up down 1db or .5 db and I wish the knobs/sliders would just lock into those values. I -rarely- need to move a value to .3db or -whatever-. It’s cleaner to have everything in nice consistent numbers.

SO: I’d like to see some mechanism whereby values for knobs/sliders/input controls could be incremented and decremented in -steps-… as in really nice analog pots. You know, where the pot clicks at .5db increments.

Perhaps holding down ctrl/alt with my hand on my heart would force the knob or slider into ‘stepped mode’.

(Just kidding about that last criteria. :smiley: )

The good news: this is one UI enhancement that needs NO visual reference. One simply memorises ‘the trick’.


Good idea. Got me thinking, it would nice to have microtonal steps available in the edit window.


I would LOOOOOOOVE if this could also be applied to FADERS.

I’d like to be able to hold down the Ctrl key and as I move a channel fader it would ‘click’ up or down in .5db increments.


This would be good to have it as a user option. I don’t always do this but, for smaller projects, after I am pretty satisfied with a mixdown, I sometimes go back and click each fader value and round it up/down just to purdy it up. An OCD situation for sure. :wink:

Regards :sunglasses: