Stepping back to further improve...?

Hello guys,

please don’t get me wrong for what I am about to say. I love Cubase and it is my primary DAW. I also appreciate the fact that Steinberg listens their customers and adds things that users ask for. However…

I feel that the last couple of years Cubase aims on workflow enchantment by constantly adding new features and becoming more “fancy” with new colors and schemes. All the new improvements are welcomed and help with every day tasks. In my opinion, Cubase is the fullest DAW in the market right now. So, how about improving things that already exist instead of constantly adding functions. For example:

1. Improve waveform clarity/visibility.
Color palette that does not hurt the eyes and make waveforms easy to see.
Shortcut to increase/decrease waveforms in audio clips.

2. Add panning and volume controls directly onto the tracks (instead of only faders / inspector).

  1. I like the new mixing console, but sometimes I feel everything is so black that I can’t clearly see where one track ends and where the next begins. The same about send levels etc. Maybe, something with sharp edges and more distinct borders would help…?

  2. I would like to automate things directly on the tracks sometimes instead of sub-lanes. Imagine me with only 4 tracks on my 13’ laptop trying to automate volume and reverb settings. It feels like Cubase works only with big monitors.

  3. Offline processing is useful and I use it every day. But why can’t you select another audio file after your bring up the plug-in window? Why does the window close after I process a file? I might want to slightly alter the settings and apply the processing once more. No bypass to compare the results!

  4. Although one does not use Cubase for notation, improving the visual functionalities of the score editor would help. Especially when dealing with several staves and a large amount of measures.

And of course…the list goes on and on. To summarize, Cubase has so many features that at the very end of the day it can be counter productive to have all these options ( :wink: just kidding).