Stepping through a project in fixed increments?


Is there a way to step through a Cubase project in fixed increments (e.g., one measure at a time)?

The transport functions I know about fast-forward/rewind and jog don’t seem to allow you to move in fixed increments. I’m aware of Marker Tracks, but they’re not useful b/c sometimes I want to step through divisons smaller than a measure (e.g., a quarter-note) and adding that many markers is not efficient.

I also know about Step Record, but that’s not applicable because I want to step through existing (recorded) material for the purpose of auditioning.

Currently I’m using a mouse to click the timeline, but being able to step through via a keypress or controller button would be much faster.


You’ll want to use the Nudge Key Commands under Transport

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That worked perfectly! Thanks, raino!

I didn’t consider Nudge because I assumed its intended function is to make small adjustments to clip location. I actually never used it (until now).

And thanks for taking the time to send an annotated screenshot.


I thought the same thing for years myself.

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