Stepping through notes with slurs

Sometimes I like to go really slow through notes with the right arrow to check for mistakes.
But if there is a slur Dorico sometimes “plays” the slur - and not the note.
A bit annoying… - any way to avoid this ?

In my experience, it’s “always” instead of “sometimes.” This is by design, as the slur is an element that Dorico recognizes in its sequential selection as you move horizontally across a staff.

It’s not really by design, as such, but rather a consequence of the graphical approach Dorico takes in Write mode to navigating through the music. I’ve written about this a lot (e.g. here and here) and we know that it is not a universally beloved feature. We have been working on changing the way navigating around the score in Write mode with the arrow keys works in advance of the release of the next major version.