Stepping through, one beat at a time?

(Dorico 4.) I’m arranging multi-part harmony. I can select a bunch of notes vertically across different staves and I can hear the chord they produce. However, if I tap ← or → then the next note is selected, but only on the top-most staff. Is there a way to move position by position, but keep the selection across all the staves, so I can hear how the chords evolve?


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co-incidence - I was wondering exactly that just this week arranging some brass. It’d be great to be able to play vertical blocks step by step.

So if this isn’t possible - a feature request?

Do a search for “scrub” and you’ll see some of the many times this has been requested.

Ah, “scrub” is the term. Wow, yes, it indeed appears to be requested a lot. I will then contribute my subtle begging to that of the chorus.