Stepping through steps works not as expected

hello everybody

I´m back and so I started a project in CubasePro11 with 6 instrument- tracks and as I remember it was possible to jump though next track(s) with Arrow-up and -down
but that didn´t work actual, it only jumps between tracks which include MIDI-Data

I think I stepped through every position in Program-Configuration, but didn´t find a point to check/uncheck something like this :frowning:

could someone please help me out?
thanks in advance
The Sarge!

PS: english isn´t my native speech…

Could it be Use Up/Down… for selecting Tracks Only?

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YES! :+1:
thank you very much @steve
but it was something else wrong:
a MIDI-part was selected and so Cubase jumped only between the tracks with parts, and I just watched the area next Inspector (track overview) and didn´t realised what Cubase was doing… :see_no_evil:

That is how it works. The pref Track Selection Follows Event Selection might be the one to look at…

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feels so good, to get direct help instead of posts like “RTFM” or joking
best wishes @steve

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