Steps, buttons and Midi Remote

That’s not the title from a 70s SciFi movie :slight_smile:

Is it possible with the Midi Remote to map a button on a controller WITH STEPS?

Example: if an EQ plugin has frequency selection by STEPS, for example 80 - 160 - 220, I would like to select the 3 options with a button on my controller, not with a circular knob

I use to do this with Novation Automap and it’s a very very good option

Anyone knows?

Thanks in advance for attention!

Want to do this with the assistant or by scripting?

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Thanks for the reply

With the assistant :slight_smile: I am trying to stay AWAY from the script programming tunnel…

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So your three buttons would send MIDI CC values something like 1, 64 and 127 (or whatever would trigger the three frequency values).
I don’t have any experience with the “assistant”, but you can certainly accomplish it with a script. I think you can do it with the Generic Remote as well.

I misread the OP and didn’t realize they’re asking for a single button to cycle different CC values.
I do not believe you can do this without a script unless you can control what the button is sending.

I totally understand :slight_smile:
I’m not sure about the assistant, I somehow think that you would first have to transform your message by using an external utility, to simulate the functionality of a knob by using your button.

Using scripting, you can bind a customVariable to the function and have the variable cycle its value every time the button is pressed. I don’t believe an external tool is necessary.

I have recently added a Korg Nano Kontrol2, and I am using it with all default CC mappings, but I have other controllers (Novation, Native Instruments or even synthesizers) on which I can program what the button send.

I wanted to use the Nano Kontrol to solve this : ) without studying more, but it seems that I have to experiment more with it (and install its drivers and software which have MANY MANY issues…)

though for me would be easier an app like that :slight_smile: I really dont know where to start for scripting programming, and I am afraid that I could like it and spend too much time on it ahahhaha

I was demoing an app some time ago, it was very interesting, I don remember the name, will post when I can

Do you gentlemen think that learning some scripting for midi remote would be easier than using an app to simulate midi messages?

Sure. My answer was based on that @av_music doesn’t want to get involved with script.

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Before the arrival of the midi remote API, I was always using external apps. Note, however, that some times, these do also involve a learning curve but probably less demanding in some cases.