steps of the pitchbend keyboard button

Hi guys,
I hope I can make myself clear since I’m French and I’m not really confortable with the musical vocabulary. I just got Cubase Elements 9.0.20, working on a Macbook Pro 2015 Retina 16 GB. My master keyboard is a Prodipe MIDI 49C USB. Ok.

As I play my tune on the keyboard, using the pitchbend knob (correct ?), it gives my sound kind of a square changing sound like an auto-tune. There is no progressive changing in the sound, no “glissando”, and the change is divided by eighth of a black, giving this picture in the edition :
Capture d’écran 2017-08-11 à 08.21.55.png
The shape is the same for the modulation curve : squared to eighth of time also.
The fact is that this did not happen under GarageBand where I got at once a really progressive curve on the edition window.
Of course, I can “draw” a more progressive change with the pencil, a line ou a curve, anyway, in the edition window, but I’d love actually, to get the second curve instead the first following one :


Would you have any idea if I can configure this in Cubase ? We might think it comes from the keyboard but why wouldn’t I get this issue then Under GarageBand ?

I thank you in advance for any answer :slight_smile: