Steps To Aim

Wellcome to listen my last song “Steps To Aim”
I hope you will enjoy.

Another interesting track from you, good arrangement and nice production, I reckon the opening theme lasting 1.20 is way too long and the end part…from around 3.55 is also too long, it’s as if you ran out of ideas for the track but wanted to keep going just for the sake of making it long.
the middle part…between 1.20 and 3.55 is excellent…tunefull…interesting…bit of a Shadow’s feel to it and I feel that If you kept the track shorter it would be a better listen.

less is more sometimes,

good stuff…Kevin

Thank you Kevin for your constructive critic.

You are right about long “intro”, but it was my idea to symbolize " little endless steps" to one direction that finaly lead to some kind of success ( when start at 1.30).
When i compose my music i try to transmit to listener some kind of story and less what im worry about if it is short enough or if it too long - story must be interesting to listen foremost.
If every musician start seriously care about “radio hit format” - all music going to be similar like eggs. :smiley:

Do not take my words as if i try to defence myself against your opinion , not at all - i just want to explain my point of view relative to size of song.Im also agree that less is more - exactly for that reason i did short most melodic part of that song.
Thank you for listen and always welcome any opinion!

I think the intro could have done with more of a chord variation as well as building dynamically in a smoother way. It doesn’t really give a sense of a ‘story’ really since it isn’t developing anything and well, a story is developing and progressing right from the very beginning not simply repeating. :wink:

The ideas are nice and the combination of sounds are certainly interesting. I think it lacks mid/low percussion in the mix. Malaysian djembe or brushed drums etc might work really nicely and have the right kind of resonance to enhance the piece. The bass is also too quiet to me. It is too low volume-wise, but it also doesn’t really have the kind of spacious depth I’d typically want to hear for something like this. Perhaps combine it with a synth or double bass subtly.

Overall interesting stuff, well done.

i did catch the sense of a story and it did let my imagination run away somewhere, i say u got the vibe on this, and i hear you when do not worry about length, i like that. just say if this was done by someone else it would sound different, arranged differently etc. but this sounds original even though i have not listened to your other tracks. i can imagine the vibe and feel of them. i think basically what im trying to say is that you seem to have put a unique style on it. good work