Stereo Audio issues when imported to Ambisonic Cubase Project

I am working with ambisonic files in Cubase 10.5 (which are playing back just fine) and want to add some musical elements from a previous project but when I import the stereo stems the resultant audio all seems to be coming out of the left Headphone speaker and I have to pan left or right to make the audio sound like its coming from the centre. I have set up the main output as Ambisonic 1st Order as that is the ambisonic format the files I am working with are in, I have turned on the ‘Use Phones Channel as Preview Channel’ in preferences and the Ambisonic Decoder for the headphones in the Control Room panel is set to '1st Order Ambisonic > Stereo (Binaural).

Any help would be very much appreciated as I can’t find very much help on line about working with and adding to ambisonics in Cubase. Cheers

I assume nobody can help me with this issue?