Stereo bus shifts signal to the left when having multiple mono inputs down the centre

Hey Everyone,

I have a project where I have multiple takes of the same LEAD vocal. I have 4-6 audio track for all the takes as some of them bleed out into the next (intentionally). I’m sending all of those tracks to a bus to process all of them similarly and the bus is in stereo while all tracks are in mono of course. However, when I send it there, the signal gets tossed to the left as though I panned it half way if not more to the left. Can you tell me why is that happening? Is it because of multiple mono signals get sent to a stereo bus or how does it work?

Cubase 13 Pro Windows 11


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Hi Nick
Maybe mono plugins on the group track?

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How do you send it there?

We need more information. Maybe some screenshots?

Hey farfar,

Yes, there were indeed mono plugins, great guess! I turned the bus to mono as anyways it’s dealing with only mono signals so it can be mono as well and the problem got solved.
You reckon if I leave it in stereo but switch the plugins to the stereo version it will be fine too?

How does this work in Cubase actually? In ableton, there is no option to make stereo or mono tracks, they’re all stereo and you can put mono plugins or stereo width plugins to make it in mono. But, in Cubase you can have it in stereo and even with mono plugins it wasn’t converting to mono so I don’t know what’s it doing.


I’m just selecting, all of the tracks in the mixer and then routing them to a group channel by pressing add group channel to selected channels. Don’t know how a screenshot will help or of what you want me to send a screenshot, so if you can be more specific, that’s great. I also see in the routing that they are all routed to LEAD BUS which is a group channel.


If you put mono effects on a stereo channel in Cubase, only the left side gets processed by the plugin.

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Ohh interesting, didn’t know this property in Cubase, thanks for the clarification!

Unrelated question, but would you know of a way to have delay compensation turned on and not have the plugins on certain channels blacked out?
What I mean by that is when I have a few buses with an effect chain, if I turn delay compensation on, often times, one of those buses gets completely or partially blacked out - plugins are turned off. I haven’t found a way to bypass that.


The button is “Constrain delay compensation”. Turn it off.

Delay compensation is on by default.

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Sorry for the late reply. Thanks!
I also heard that it didn’t make a difference. I guess I just didn’t read it properly.